Remodeling Contractor, St. Croix County

Some projects can be simple—updated counter tops and cabinets, new flooring, etc. while others are quite complex—remodeling the entire basement or adding a great room. As a result, we take the time to work closely with you to discover exactly what you want improved around your home. After years of designing new and updated spaces, we know how to assist you in creating what you want. Let us create your perfect space!

Working with Lee Signature Homes provides you with many options. From small remodeling projects to large renovations, we have the capability and resources to handle anything your heart desires. Whatever your priorities are; selling your home or making it more comfortable for your current lifestyle, Lee Signature Homes is your premier choice in helping you make the transition. Large or small, we possess the ability and experience to transform your home to be more pleasing to your tastes and expectations.